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A Night of Original Music with Kate Kelly and Sister Ivy

Thursday, May 30, 2019
$10 / $12
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Seated Lounge Show - Limited Tables Available with a Dinner Reservation :: All Other Seating is First Come First Serve General Admission :: Please Call Venue for Dinner Reservations


Kate Kelly‘s songs are where honest storytelling meets a jazzy groove. Her lyrics and melodies create a totally authentic sound while leaving the audience hanging on every word.

Sister Ivy brings her unique blend of Singer-Songwriter Soul-Jazz in solo form to the Isis Lounge.

Kate Kelly · 7:00pm


On her new LP Kate Kelly weaves together threads of airy jazz, piano-pop, and woozy folk into a tapestry that wraps around the listener like a summer breeze. Possessed of an easy elegance, Kelly’s voice waltzes through verdant fields of melody, all warmth and sunshine. Yet peek beneath the surface, and you’ll see a record that was born of its creator’s quest to find solace in a world of stormy emotional seas.

“It is worth noting that 2017, when this album was being written, was one of the most challenging years I’ve experienced thus far” says Kelly. Retreating into a child-like inner space to find solace from the pain she was feeling, Kelly turned to an exploration of nature and life’s innate beauty as her lyrical thesis. “Each 'symbol' in the record (honey, the garden, the moon, etc.) is something in nature that helped me overcome my troubles. Each totem taught me a specific lesson; all because I immersed myself in ‘The Wonder of It All’.”

Listening to The Wonder of It All it’s safe to say Kelly achieved her intention. The Wonder of It All would pair wonderfully with a cup of chamomile and a purring kitty (or perhaps a garden party and a few bottles of rosé). “I hope this record inspires listeners to wander and daydream, and find a moment to escape from pain, just like it was and continues to be for me.”

Sister Ivy · 7:00pm


Sister Ivy is the voice of the vine that weaves in and out of roots and open air, mixes with the weeds, and climbs to lofty vistas on the limbs of grand trees. A quizzical poet with a voice brimming with turbulent emotion and heartfelt presence, she moves to join the juxtaposed, not only lyrically, but musically, with careful dissonance and timely resolve, blending the mundane with the magical, providing unexpected nourishment and plenty of food for thought.
Sister Ivy's solo sets carry a more intimate, singer-songwriter vibe but have the tendency to delve into the surreal with ethereal loops and some spoken word. Her lyrical content spans a wide spectrum from sweet infatuation to righteous anger; content ranging from entomological curiosity to suspicions of an impending apocalypse. Her lush vocals dance on and with her mellow and expressive keyboard stylings to create a sonic landscape that is at once soothing and stirring.