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American Brain Tumor Association Fundraiser

Saturday, July 16, 2022
The Main Stage
Tickets are now available on line
Ticket Price: $100 (includes food!)


Join us for an evening with food, music and friends as we raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association! Joining us in concert is the Bourbon Brothers Band, a classic group based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Drawing inspiration from Frank Sinatra and The Great American Songbook, these musicians hope to bring sophisticated and upbeat entertainment. Their passion for music resonates through the natural energy and immense enthusiasm that they show on stage.

From event organizer and Asheville local, Mark Rorie, MD:

Glioblastoma is the most common form of primary malignant tumor(cancer)to affect the brain. About 15,000 Americans are affected by this disease yearly. It’s typically devastating and a tremendous burden on both patients and their families and caregivers. There is no cure. Current “standard of care” treatment results in only small improvements in survival. The standard treatment regimen has not changed in a number of years. The likelihood of living more than 3 years with this diagnosis is only 5%, 1 year approximately 25%. As a Glioblastoma patient and a physician, I fully realize the implications. I’ve been fortunate thus far now 15 months since my diagnosis. I’ve been fortunate to partner with the American Brain Tumor Association as a volunteer and mentor. There is a desperate need for more funding to support research to develop better treatments and support patients and caregivers in need. We are partnering with Isis Music Hall in Asheville and The Bourbon Brothers out of Atlanta to put on a fundraising event this summer. I would encourage everyone to support this important cause by donating and attending this event. I’m more than happy to share my story with anyone interested. I can be reached by email at [email protected]