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An Evening with Chris Frisina and Earleine

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
$12 / $15
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Seated Lounge Show - Limited Tables Available with a Dinner Reservation :: All Other Seating is First Come First Serve General Admission :: Please Call Venue for Dinner Reservations


Singer-songwriters Chris Frisina and Earleine join us to share a little piece of their heart. Americana music with a swirl of folk, rock, and roots under a blanket of soul..

Chris Frisina


Chris Frisina, who now lives in Chapel Hill, was born in the rustic town of Olean, New York, to a family of northeastern wiseacres and intelligent hillbillies who remain hell bent on living full, rich lives despite brutal winters in a persistent economic downturn. He skirted the compulsive hunting and fishing tradition held close to his father’s heart, instead cultivating a sensitivity more suited to artists and vagabonds. In songwriting, Frisina uses what can only be explained as a genetic link to ancestral angst and talent to search for his place in a world out of sync; he hopes to share his observations on our shared journey through life in mutual search of something pure. Frisina continues to pull from a constant and pervasive sense of disquiet – gleaned from his childhood, solo travels, work experiences, sullen periods of insomnia and close friendships – to create mournful tones, pulsing with lost opportunity, longing and regret. Except for those few magical times, when it goes the other way.

Earleine · 7:00pm


Born in Clarksville, Tennessee, just 40 miles outside of Nashville, Earleine grew up immersed in musical culture. At 18 she picked up the guitar, and soon began writing her own songs. Earleine made her way to the Blue Ridge mountains in the Spring of 2016 to expand her musical horizons. Genuine and shockingly honest, her songwriting is mixed with poetic lyricism, and dreamy harmonies that seem to lift hard time memories into ephemeral realms. Earleine’s style is Americana music with a swirl of folk, rock, and roots under a blanket of soul.