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BomBassic Album Release w/ DRRTYWULVZ

Saturday, May 7, 2022
The Main Stage
$30/ $35
General Admission Standing Show :: Some Balcony Seating
General Admission Tickets are available on line :: Call the venue for Dinner Reservation prior to the show at 828-575-2737


A one of a kind evening with BomBassic to celebrate the release of their upcoming album “Bollywood Boys

This will not be a typical show, but an experience unlike anything Asheville has ever witnessed!  All original 90 minute BomBassic set featuring custom stage design from Sacred Element Event Designs, choreographed Bollywood dance performances, freestyle pole dance by 13 Hour Dance Company, sitar and violin player Will Franke, MC/vocalist Spitty the Sequel, and singer Trevor from the Buffalo Kings.  Special guest DRRTYWULVZ is coming all the way from Austin, Texas to bless us with his brain-melting production and earth-shaking bass. Opening up the night will be the legendary DJ Morphonic.

Forming from a friendship back in high school, BomBassic is a musical duo that creates soulful, sexy vibrations that cause the body to groove and the mind to levitate.

DRRTYWULVZ: Levi Witt, the auditory wizard behind the impressively crisp production, currently resides in Austin where he continues inspiring dance floors everywhere. Open your mind and prepare to howl at the moon, for the energetic melodies and innovative beats of DRRTYWULVZ will blow you away.

Morphonic: DJ Morphonic is both a name and a purpose. As a name, Morphonic is the DJ project of Maurice Legendre, based in Asheville, NC. As a purpose Morphonic is the mission to instigate transformation in people through a sonic experience.  With an emphasis on a blend of electronic beats and acoustic sounds, Morphonic endeavors to keep a natural touch to the driving electronic vibrations. Whether a hard-core electronic dance enthusiast, or new to the world of electronica, Morphonic has something for almost everyone.

13th Hour Dance Company: Dance performance troupe in Asheville, NC. Sensual movement with a supernatural flare.



OMotion Collective: Movement to align with nature’s rhythms, honor our existence, and refine intentions through embodiment ritual.



Sacred Elements Event Designs: Sacred Element Event Designs (SEED) blends traditional entertainment methods with unique artwork, sacred forms and natural elements to create stages and environments that delight the eyes and the heart. Taking inspiration from sacred human made structures and shapes from around the world. As well as from sacred forms of the natural world itself, SEED brings together the elements of life with care. Through movement, color and pattern an original experience is created that has the ability to break the mind of habits and assumptions. The experience becomes transformative as entertainment meets supported inner exploration and the dreams of the heart grow from the SEED.

Will Franke: Will Franke is a mad fiddling soundscape painter who weaves together folk and ambient sounds with hip hop rhythms and world influences to melt time and open your mind. He blends electric violin, cello, sitar and vocals to sculpt an invisible landscape between your ears. No two performances are the same, and his music explores the human mind and experience. Will has studied numerous styles of music and began developing an electric sound while performing in New Orleans, Louisiana. After traveling extensively in South East Asia and the United States, he has devoted himself to creating a unique sonic experience. He continues to compose, write, record and perform with his violins, voice and pedal board.



Come enjoy an evening of live music, food and drinks at the Isis Music Hall. Dinner reservations can be made prior to the show. Limited seating is available in the balcony first come, first serve.  Folks having dinner can save seats in the balcony