Nashville Singer-Songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt is set to perform in the Isis Lounge. She will be joined by Asheville songstress Carly Taich.

Listening to Elisabeth Beckwitt’s debut album “Then We Do” for the first time is like cracking open a good book. Her angelic vocals weave the simple yet relatable lyrics together with intricate melodies to tell an engrossing story with each track. Every song it’s own chapter in a beautiful story about identity, love, betrayal, and hopeful optimism. Be prepared for an intimate evening of introspective tunes intertwined with positively quirky tunes.

Elisabeth Beckwitt


Born and raised in Lexington, MA, Elisabeth Beckwitt discovered her love for music at an early age. Growing up in a family of talented musicians afforded Elisabeth many opportunities to explore music, and by the time she was eight years old Elisabeth was singing with her family at small performances for friends and relatives. Elisabeth would carry this love for singing with her as she grew up, learning to sing along with her father and brother on piano and her mother on violin.

Though fond memories of playing music with her family filled her early years, Elisabeth’s childhood was not without its hardships. Throughout her teenage years, Elisabeth struggled with serious anxiety and depression stemming from childhood abuse. Elisabeth’s struggles led her to seek professional psychiatric care at McLean Hospital, where she was eventually diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. With the help of the people at McLean, specifically her therapist Michael Hollander, Elisabeth was able to make it through a difficult time in her life. It’s her hope that by being open about her past and her BPD, Elisabeth can help to lift the stigma that is so often associated with talking about mental health.

Realizing the impact music had on her early years prompted Elisabeth to pursue her passion for singing after high school when she began studying at Berklee College of Music in fall 2011. It was at Berklee where Elisabeth met her vocal coach and mentor, Alli Beaudry, who she would study with throughout her time in school. Before she graduated and left Boston, Elisabeth found herself wanting work with the amazing musicians and friends she was surrounded by one more time; this led to her writing and recording her debut EP, Back to August. She recored the EP at a studio in Boston and released the tracks one at a time during her roadtrip to Nashville, where she would pursue her career as a singer-songwriter. Back to August features four original songs by Elisabeth, including a vocal duet she co-wrote with her good friend Evan Nichols-Roy entitled “Romance On the Run.” Touching on a variety of topics like heartbreak, nostalgia, self esteem, and the hardships of love; Back to August would serve both as a farewell to her home in the northeast and as the first step towards her new adventures in Music City.

Inspired by the countless other musicians and people eager to listen, Elisabeth quickly settled into her new home in Nashville, spending the next year honing her craft as a performer and songwriter. Writers rounds at various venues around town provided Elisabeth with many opportunities to meet and play with other songwriters while testing out some of her new songs. It wasn’t long until she felt the itch to get back in the studio. With a notebook full of new material, and some amazing new musician friends, Elisabeth met up with the guys at Big Punch Music to get to work on her debut full-length album, “Then We Do,” now available everywhere. After a long year of preparation for the release Elisabeth is excited to hit the road and do some touring in 2017 to support her new album.

Carly Taich


When asked if it’s weird to hear your own voice on recording Carly says, “No I find it much harder to hear myself speaking right now.” Carly credits her singing voice with a wish she made on her 7th birthday, and several years of eventual classical training. The youngest of three in a family of talkers Carly found the best way to get others to listen was through song. During the incubation period she calls childhood Carly learned the art of observation, a skill she values and credits for much of her content.
Her early influences could be found handwritten on burnt CDs from her family: the eclectic stylings of Jamiroquai, Lauryn Hill, Tori Amos, Elliott Smith, No Doubt, Hair (1979), Sam Cooke, and The Andrew Sisters. She credits the poetry of Shel Silverstein for her love of wordplay.
Today Carly’s songs ask heavy questions with a light-hearted flare, seeking to shine light on dark contradictions and savor the rich and simpler parts of life.
Soon after graduating college, Carly settled in Asheville, NC where she met art-rock band Midnight Snack. Many of its members would join her in creating her first studio album, Reverie, set to be released later in 2017. Carly won the Brown Bag Songwriting Competition in 2015. When asked if she intends to settle in Asheville, Carly says, “We’re not sure if we’ll stay but we’ll certainly come visit.”

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