Elisabeth Beckwitt writes songs of hope and understanding for the unheard; from her struggles with addiction and mental health, to her unapologetic support and involvement in the LGBT+ community. Elisabeth weaves relatable stories with encapsulating melodies to build an intimate connection with her audience.

Elisabeth Beckwitt


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt writes songs of hope and understanding for the unheard. Throughout her life Elisabeth struggled with severe anxiety and depression which led her to seek professional psychiatric assistance from McLean Hospital. It was here she was diagnosed with a variety of behavioral and mood disorders stemming from childhood trauma. The help Elisabeth received gave her the tools she needed to make it through a difficult time in her life while teaching her to manage her diagnosis.
With her clear, powerful voice typically accompanied by piano, Elisabeth weaves stories from her life and the lives of those in her “tribe” that areencapsulating, and relateable.

“I write for the child that doesn’t feel safe in their own home. I write for the awkward teenager who is struggling with their identity. I write for the depressed, and the addicts, and the abused. I write for them because I am them, and I know what it is to feel unheard. I want to write the music that I needed in the darker times of my life, because I got through them and I know that you can’t do it alone.”

It is her hope that by being open about her disorder and her identity she can help to erase the stigma that is oftentimes associated with the communities that are so ingrained in her heart. Fresh off the release of her latest EP “Gray Again,” Elisabeth premiered a music video for her teenage lesbian love anthem “Isabella” and is hard at work preparing to hit the road in support of the new record.

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