Hadley Kennary is a singer-songwriter whose music is an Americana/pop blend of heartfelt, clever lyrics and infectious melodies

“Born and raised in Boston, MA, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt writes songs of hope and understanding for the unheard. Her clear voice typically accompanied by piano, Elisabeth weaves stories from her life and the lives of those closest to her that are relatable and encapsulating.

Hadley Kennary


Hadley Kennary is a singer-songwriter whose music is a folk/pop blend of heartfelt, clever lyrics and infectious melodies. Kennary, appropriately pronounced like the bird, grew up outside of Chicago. In 2014, she graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and has since independently released a full-length album and two EPs. Her warm sound is refreshingly honest and contagiously catchy.

She has graced stages around the country such as SPACE in Chicago and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, as well as several shows in Ireland and the UK. Her songs have been featured in renowned songwriting competitions such as Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase, Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition for Emerging Songwriters, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase, and Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Songwriting Competition (where she won 2nd place in 2015).

Hadley lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she continues to write, record, and perform live. Her latest release, “Momentum EP”, was released in August of 2016 and is available wherever music is digitally sold & streamed.

Elisabeth Beckwitt


It starts with a single note, a single phrase or a single melody to change a person’s life and to make art an introspective influence to one’s soul. For Pop-songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt, music has been a constant in her life since day one; since the first notes she played on keyboard. At age eight, living in her hometown of Lexington, MA, Elisabeth discovered her love for performance when she, her parents, and her older brother began putting on small concerts for their friends and family. With her mother on violin and brother and father on piano, Elisabeth’s love for music, specifically for singing, started to bloom.

Though fond memories of playing music with her family filled her early years, Elisabeth’s childhood was not without its hardships. Throughout her teenage years, Elisabeth struggled with severe anxiety and depression stemming from childhood abuse. Elisabeth’s struggles led her to seek professional psychiatric assistance, where she was eventually diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD. The help Elisabeth received gave her the tools she needed to make it through a difficult time in her life while teaching her to manage her diagnosis. It is her hope that by being open about her past and her BPD, she can help to erase the stigma that is oftentimes associated with mental health.

”I write for the child that doesn’t feel safe in their own home. I write for the awkward teenager who is struggling with their identity. I write for the depressed, and the addicts, and the abused. I write for them because I am them, and I know what it is to feel unheard. I want to write the music that I needed in the darker times of my life, because I got through them and I know that you can’t do it alone,” says Beckwitt.

Presently, Elisabeth takes inspiration from indie-pop acts such as Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. She writes with heart and confidence, her clear voice typically accompanied by melodic piano. Elisabeth recently released her video for her track, “One More” a project that serves to open up a dialogue for those struggling with all types of addiction. Elisabeth is currently finishing up a brand new EP and will be back on the road touring this summer and fall.

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