This trio’s unique instrumentation and individual styles create a refreshing and accessible musical experience. This honest, original, bold and beautiful writing is like coming over the top of a hill and suddenly seeing a view you never thought existed: fresh, pure brain candy.

Ruby and the Rogues


Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Ruby Rendrag, was born at Ochsner to a Houma Indian Mother and a banjo playing, West Virginian Father. Ruby has been a part of the New Orleans music scene for 15 years performing as a solo artist and as a side woman with many local acts. She infuses Ruby & The Rogues with lyrical immediacy, a percussive guitar style and her bluegrass-Led Zeppelin-80’s underground influences.

Cellist, Suki Kuehn, was born in Japan, lived throughout the US and decidedly settled in New Orleans after a stint driving subs for the Navy. He plays an old cello bought from a lady in a dark alley in the French Quarter. Using a few choice effects, Suki creates prosodic phrases that “sing” between the lines, echoing or responding to the lyrics and exposing the depth of those unspoken sensibilities within the songs.

Percussionist, Michael Ennis, sits on a box called a “cajon” with shakers strapped to his shoes surrounded by cymbals, a djembe, congas and an assortment of other “bells and whistles”. With the power of a rock drummer, Mike constructs the backbone for the trio using finesse, space, intensity and color. This ex-bull ridin’, motorcycle trekkin’, blue-eyed Texan has called New Orleans his home for 33 years.

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