Mike Guggino ( Steep Canyon Rangers ) joins Barrett Smith (Shannon Whitworth Band) to perform an evening of string music.  The music will be Italian themed and our chef will match the mood with several Italian dinner features .

Come with friends and enjoy a great dinner accompanied by beautiful music!

Duo Guggino


The music found in the Italian mandolin repertoire offers a romantic, festive atmosphere that seems to carry with it the very essence of Italy.  The dramatic trills and tremolos of the mandolin, accompanied by the soothing sounds of guitar, create a sound that is sophisticated, fun, and thoroughly Italian.  It is the musical representation of the passionate, happy, romantic spirit we associate with all things Italian.

Duo Guggino has indulged in this musical world, mastering tasteful arrangements of the most popular songs from the Italian folk, art song, and operatic literature.  They have also included in their repertoire many of the Italian-American songs popularized over the years by artists like Connie Francis.  With mandolin and guitar, Duo Guggino has brought its own interpretations and expressions of this wonderful music, while still preserving a spirit of utter authenticity.

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