Alternative/Indie Rock with some progressive time signatures and big choruses. Music to fill expansive space and wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve moods. Luxury Spirit will be joined by special guests Gavin Conner and Ryan Cox

The Luxury Spirit


The Luxury Spirit formed as a project between two college friends, Bob Burnette and George Sweet. Initially started as a recording project, the two wrote songs influenced by the their love of bands like Hum, Sunny Day Real Easte, and Dinosaur Jr.

In 2010 the band took more shape. Playing as a three piece, and then later as a four, The Luxury Spirit played many shows in the Asheville area for the next 6 years supporting their first album Mackey Tapes, and their second Forgotten Albatross. Despite a few personnel changes, Bob and George remained core members.

In 2017, the band released their newest album, A Cloud That Settled Near. It’s their first album they have recorded completely as a duo with two guest musicians, Andy Washburn on trumpet and Jamie Linder on pedal steel. The album shows many different genres of interests for the band. At its core, it’s a rock album. You can hear the appreciation for Prog Rock, Alt Americana, 70s classic rock, and 90s Emo and Alternative all thrown in. Essentially, The Luxury Spirit are two people  who love music….making music you will love.

Gavin Conner and Ryan Cox


Always able to juggle two hands with two arms, Gavin Conner has been pumping out underground hits, for nearly two decades. Beginning with a troubling devotion to The Cure and Morrissey, an inevitable discovery of his own songwriting talents would soon emerge. Quickly harnessing the ability to produce masterful home recordings and passionate live performances, Gavin eventually found his way to Asheville, NC in 2007. There he would join forces with long time friend/singer-songwriter Ryan Barrington Cox in The If You Wannas. The indie-rock quartet would go on to gain local and region success with the release of their two full length albums and two eps.

In 2017, Gavin and Ryan have returned to their songwriter origins, independently releasing “Giving It To the Poor Kids” and “Sketches”. Both records filled to the brim with songs that not only wear their collective heart on a sleeve but also never hesitate to poke fun at the world surrounding us. Expect a seemingly endless tide of originals songs that will guarantee the tapping of feet and the humming of lips.

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