Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, Seduction Sideshow is preparing to take you on a journey of wonder and intrigue with their sexy new show: “The Cabinet of CuriousiTease!”

Performing together since 2007, Seduction Sideshow continues to sell out show after show. As Asheville’s longest running burlesque and circus troupe, they draw on the best of burlesque, erotic theatre, dance, vaudeville, sketch comedy, and circus performance. In their latest production, you’ll join some of the sexiest and most entertaining performers in Asheville in a journey exploring a mysterious cabinet full of wondrous artifacts. Please join us in uncovering the magic inside the Cabinet of Curiositease.

Sister Ivy will open.

Seduction Sideshow


Seduction Sideshow is the longest-running burlesque troupe in Asheville, NC.  They cleverly combine the best of vaudeville, cabaret, and circus sideshow and wrap it in a hilariously erotic package.

In “The Cabinet of CuriousiTease,” Seduction Sideshow will explore an assortment of strange trinkets, sexy artifacts, and creepy collectables; the stories of which will be told through dance, circus, erotic theater, comedy, aerials arts, and stage magic.  Join the Icky brothers, two eccentric and mysterious collectors as they open their dilapidated mansion to the public for the first time.  What wonders lie in the once ornate home of these two reclusive siblings?  What mysteries await in this show inspired by old curio cabinets and wonder rooms?  If Seduction Sideshow’s past shows are any indication, you can bet the journey will be wild, silly, weird, a bit mischievous, and (of course!) oh so sexy.  

To celebrate another show at the amazing Isis Music Hall, we are offering a very special option for fans interested in a more immersive and intimate experience. You can enjoy a delicious dinner while you bask in the tasty talents and melancholy melodies of this show’s opening act: Sister Ivy.  Dinner seating is limited, so we encourage you to call in advance (828.575.2737) and reserve your table.

Since 2007, Seduction Sideshow has consistently produced one of the most wildly entertaining shows you will see in Asheville. Get your tickets now, folks!  Like all of their past productions, this curiously creative show is bound to sell out.

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Sister Ivy


Sister Ivy fuses Neo-soul, Jazz, R&B, and Rock elements to carry poetic musings to the listener’s ear on a groove-able beat. Lyrical content spans a wide spectrum, emotional states ranging from sweet infatuation to righteous anger; content ranging from entomological curiosity to suspicions of an impending apocalypse. However, no matter how dim the story seems, there is always a glimmer of hope hidden…somewhere. The sonic vehicle on which the lyrics travel is twisted and expansive, with influences spanning from Badu and Glasper to Radiohead and the Mars Volta.

Genre: Bluegrass Jazz Classical Rock Classic Rock Southern Rock Acoustic Old-Time Folk Rock Indie Americana Country Folk Blues Reggae World Instrumental Jam Motown Funk Swing Country Western Gypsy Jazz Celtic Singer Songwriter Atl Country Gospel Pop Hip-Hop Honky Tonk R&B Soul Story Teller Oldies Lawn Concert Private Event Brass Outlaw Country Big Band DJ Electronica Theater Dance Party