Isis Music Hall Future

To our friends, patrons, and supporters - As we recently passed our 10 year anniversary, we as a family have decided to step back in operating Isis Music Hall and move onward to other ventures and experiences. We truly enjoyed our time at Isis and meet many wonderful patrons and artists. It was a great experience. We learned and grew together as a family with all of you right there with us. We want to sincerely thank all of you for your support throughout the years. We also want to thank all our employees last and present. With out you this would not have been possible. You all made the experience what it was and are a part of our family always. We’re looking forward to concentrating on other projects, spending more time together as a family (not working), more time making wood art and playing music, more time cuddling our two new granddaughters/nieces, and more time enjoying our Asheville community outside of being in Isis. 

We are now in the process of working with a broker to find someone to take over the space.  We hope that we find someone quickly that would want to continue with a similar format that features music - we announced this to our staff recently and are now letting agents and artists know about this decision.  We, as a family, do not plan to continue the operation in 2023… but we do have folks that that have already expressed interest. Our sincere hope is to find an interested party that will continue with the Isis format.